Thursday, December 1, 2011

Carseat Cuteness to the Max

Back in June we went to parade of homes in 
Davis County with my parents
And our cute Maddux was having a blast in the car
in between the houses
He was entertaining us all day
and I just had to snap some pictures of it 
to show how fun he was being



This was the cutest he kept playing peek a boo with us
but he would cover his eyes like this

and then we would say "where's Maddux?"
and he would put his arms out like this
and we would say "There He is!"
It was adorable
and he kept doing it over and over again!


I love when he is concentrated on something
his face is so sweet

That smile melts my heart

Our sleepy little man on the ride home 
after a long day of going in and out of houses
and in his car seat a lot
he was such a trooper 
and happy boy!

1 comment:

Dan and Kristin said...

aw what a cutie. I love his little mohawk!