Sunday, December 4, 2011

Disneyland Vacation Part One

 Okay so my goal is to get our family blog all caught up by Christmas
so I can start fresh and do better at the New year!

Let go all the back to July shall we
This was such a fun month for us
with the 4th of July Celebrations, Ty finishing his summer classes
and the 24th there was a lot of parties and get togethers
But our HUGE thing in July was our family vacation to 
Disneyland We left on Sunday July 24th
and Drove home on Friday July 29th
It was a blast
It was just Me, Ty and Maddux
and we also went with our Friends the Yockeys 

Marcus goes to Law school with Ty 
and we have all become good friends
They love Disneyland and go ALL the time
And one time when we were hanging out they mentioned how they were going
and we thought it would be super fun to go
but didn't know if it was possible
Well Ty and Marcus ended up finding a really good deal on 
Getaway today and we totally pulled it all together
and decided to go!

Sunday, July 24th
we had tickets to D-land and California Adventures for Tuesday
through Thursday that week 
so we decided to drive part way to St. George
and stay with Ty's brother in sister in law
and then finish up the drive on Monday
We thought it would be a better idea to break up the drive for Maddux
and I am sure glad we did
So we were all packed up and everything was in the car on Saturday night
Then we went to  church Sunday morning
came home, changed and got back in the car to start our drive to St. George

Maddux was pretty good on the drive, he ate some treats, got messy 
and watched some bolt but needed a break so 
we decided to stop in Cedar City and eat dinner at Chilies
(Where ty used to work when we lived down there)
so it was nice to have the break, eat and visit with some old friends
We got to Dan and Brooke's in St. George at about 9:30 pm
we laid Maddux down for the night 
and hung out and talked until about 2am

Monday July 25th
We did not wake up the way we would have liked
we got to wake up at 6am to Maddux throwing up
yikes seriously I was a stress case 
he threw up a few time and finally went back to sleep until about 9:30
As we were getting ready for the day and packing everything back up 
Maddux threw up again and had a bad diaper explosion
this could not have come at a worse time
we debated all morning whether we should just hope he gets better
and keep on our way to California 
or to turn around and go home and hope they would trade our ticket 
money in for another time
We finally just decided to go to California and hope he did better
We left St. George with crackers, Pedialite and some Benedryl to help 
settle his tummy 
luckily the rest of the five and a half hour drive went really smooth 
there was no more throwing up 
just a few times he had sick diapers
He was a really good boy, slept and watched some movies

You wouldn't even know from these pictures that he had 
been sick 
he was such a good baby

We got to Anaheim around 6 pm 
checked into the hotel and brought all our stuff up 
We had a really nice room
It was spacious, clean and had a perfect tucked away spot for Maddux's porta-crib 
And Maddux was just so happy to not be in the car anymore
he was running around all over the place 

I was really happy to be out of the car too

It was time for dinner
so we decided to head over to little Caesars 
grab a pizza and some breadsticks
and ate dinner together on the beach

we got there just in time to watch the beautiful California sunset

We hung out at the beach for about an hour and then started getting kicked out 
since it was after dark
we got back to our hotel just in time for bedtime
once Maddux was asleep we headed down a floor of the hotel 
to Marcus and Maria's room
to chat and plan out the next few days at the park

Tuesday July 26th
Today was finally the first day at the park
We decided on the first day we would spend the whole time
at Disneyland

We rode the shuttle from the hotel to the park
and Maddux thought it was pretty cool
then we got there and I think he was a bit overwhelmed by the whole
experience but seemed fascinated by all the color, music 
and people around him

In line to get our tickets at Will call 
We got to the park at about 10:30
since Maddux wasn't feeling well we let him 
just wake up on his own 
He did have a yucky diaper again this morning 
but ate pretty good at breakfast 
We just needed to make sure to keep him Hydrated through out the day

Once we were in we headed right over to where the Yockey's were
over at Its a Small World
We thought that would be the perfect first ride for Maddux
since it is mellow and it will get him warmed up 
and excited for the rest of the rides
Doesn't he look so cute in the boat seat
He seemed really excited it was so fun to watch

The Yockeys: Maria, McCade and Marcus 

After its a small world we had another yucky diaper 
and still tried to keep him drinking enough water
but he was doing good and seemed to be having fun
Then we headed over to Toon Town
so the boys could go play and run around for a while

Maddux loved playing with McCade and followed him around everywhere

They played really well together 
and only fought a few times haha

Marcus, Maddux and Ty
McCade ran away before I could get him in the picture

Us with pluto
Maddux liked him from far away but
was a little nervous close up
But he was brave long enough to get a cute picture

Maddux loved this piano in Goofy's house 
it was his favorite
It really played music too

Maddux made friends with this really cute girl
She kept asking him his name 
and telling him hers 
She didn't understand that he was too little to talk back
but Maddux really liked her

Donald's boat house 
The boys LOVED Toon Town
And it was so much fun spending all that time there
who wouldn't like it 
its a huge playground
We also went to the roger rabbit ride
I love that ride
Maddux liked most of it but was a little nervous at the dark parts

Next stop was the train

Then the Carousel
Even though the lines were sooo long
cuz we went in July 
(which is horribly busy) 
and I was a stress case the whole time
cuz he kept having messy diapers that if we didn't get right away
they would get everywhere
and we had to worry about him staying hydrated
the time we got to all spend together in those lines was so much fun
we goofed around, talked, laughed and just played and entertained
You really can't help but have a huge smile on your face
at Disneyland 

Our sweet little babe on his own horsey 

Sword in the Stone
He kept saying brum brum
and pretended it was motorcycle handles 
He is all boy everything is a car or motorcycle

Diaper change time again!
and snack time
I had never changed so many diapers in one day before this
Poor baby 
but he wasn't even acting sick 
he was so happy and smiling all day long

Marcus' parents where there too with some
of their older grandchildren so we met up with them 
and while Marcus stayed behind with the little boys
Maria and the rest of us went on Indian Jones 

Then Marcus cute mom offered to watch the two little boys while 
Ty, me, Marcus, Maria, Marcus's dad and some of the older kids
went on Thunder mountain

It was nice to have a little bit of adult time for a little bit 
and go on a big ride
Love this husband of mine :)

Maddux was super excited when we got back from riding some big rides
Playing Peek-a-boo with his blanket
By this time Maddux was soooo tired
we decided since Maddux was so small and still depended on naps
that we would go back to the hotel everyday for M to have a small nap
and then would go back to the park until bedtime
and it was so worth it

Disneyland wore him completely out
He was so tired and took such a good nap
We had subway for dinner 
and then headed back to Disneyland at 7:30
Every time we took the shuttle to and from the park that day
Maddux loved the teenage girls and 
would flirt and smile at them the whole ride

When we got back to the park we met up with Marcus, Maria and McCade
and went on Buzz together 
Ty kicked my butt in the game like he always does
but it is still fun
Maddux loved seeing all the characters 
But his very favorite were the Little Green Men and he kept calling them
Baby it was adorable
He kept pointing at them saying baby baby

so we got him a cute LGM (Little Green Men) soft toy that talks and spins
He was in heaven he kept holding it and giving it hugs saying baby
He still calls it Baby to this day and gives him kisses
After Buzz we went on the Winnie the Pooh ride twice
and then watched some fireworks

Love the Castle at night!

Me and My sweety
so happy even thought it was so late
That nap in the middle of the day saved us
Seriously if you are bringing a baby to Disneyland
i promise it is worth it to give them a nap

My boys!

After the fireworks we headed out back to the hotel
Maddux threw up a little on the way back but it was just juice 
When we got back to our room we showered him and put him to bed at 11:00pm
and he was good the rest of the night

While Maddux was falling asleep 
Ty and I went outside and talked for a half hour
then when we got back in he was fast asleep
We watched fifty first dates with earphones 
so Maddux wouldn't wake up to the noise 
until we fell asleep

So even though we had 6 diarrhea diapers 
and one throw up accident today 
we made it through with smiles, laughs 
and ready for the next day

To be continued....Disneyland Part 2

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