Thursday, December 1, 2011

Salt Lake Temple Square Visit

Also in July my parents and little siblings went throughout all of Utah and 
visited every temple in the state throughout a week
and they invited us to come to the Salt Lake Temple square with them
I was glad we were able to go with them 
cuz we couldn't go to the other ones due to Ty's work and school
so it was fun to see what they did at each temple

First we all sat down on some grass right outside the temple grounds
and my mom read the history, some facts 
and a couple fun stories about the Salt Lake Temple

Then we went in the visitors center 
and watched a couple presentations 
one was on eternal families
the cute sister missionaries showed it to us
It was so good
And it made me feel so blessed to have my family, Ty's family, 
our own little family 
and the gospel in my life

Then we walked the temple grounds
talked, laughed, took pictures
and talked more about the temple

My little siblings 

Me and Maddux
(Ty had to go to a class after the visitors center)

The boys looking into the reflective pool

Every time I see this beautiful temple I can't help but think
of mine and Ty's wedding day 4 years ago
It was the most perfect day
and I love thinking all about how beautiful it really was
I feel so blessed to have married the man of my dreams in the temple
and to have the sweetest little man

I love the grounds at temple square so pretty
I am getting so excited to go to the lights soon!

After our Salt Lake temple grounds tour 
we went to Crown Burgar 
and Zachy decided to give Maddux a little shoulder rub 
M loved it he looked so relaxed
but who doesn't love a shoulder rub

That was such a fun time 
Thank you mom and dad for inviting us
so we could all reflect on the temples and their importance

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Thank you for your kind words, happy holidays:)