Friday, December 2, 2011

Family Pictures- Ciara Richardson Photography

Back in June I entered a contest to win a Free photo session
But this was not just any photo session this was with the 
She had a contest that you submit a picture and 
who ever gets the most likes on their picture on facebook
won a Free session with her
I was so excited 
Seriously I wanted it so bad
I loved her style of photography
but since we are in school and poor 
this was my only chance to get them 

And lets say when I want some thing bad I am competitive
I got on and asked every single one of my facebook friends to vote,
I asked family to vote, I asked on my blog for my readers to vote
and I even text some of my friends to like it and vote
and all of that time and effort I spent getting a hold of everyone paid off 
and I totally won 
And its a good thing cuz I was a crazy stress case the whole week 
it was going on. I just wanted it to be over 
And luckily It had a happy ending for me

Ciara contacted me told me I won and we scheduled a time to do them
We did it on July 19th
And it was a beautiful day
It rained for a sec but it made for amazing lighting 
We did two different outfits a vintage dressy look and a 
bright colored fun casual look
And the only thing I bought was Ty's blue shirt and my necklace 

Here they are:

Maddux will always rub his eyes when he is sleepy
It is adorable
 I am so glad she was able to capture real moments like this


There is never a dull moment since Maddux entered our lives 

Doesn't this just make your heart go to goo?!

Vintage Outfits
Me: Shirt-thrifted, Skirt-Target, shoes-payless years and years ago, necklace- Forever 21, earrings-gifted 
Ty: Mission suit LOVE the Brown
Maddux: shirt, pants and suspenders-Baby's R Us

This little stinker was not an easy one to photograph but
Ciara got a ton of adorable ones 
and also captured moments like this 
that really brought out his personality 

He is such a your daughters :)

I really really LOVE him

Sure why not I'll run around with no shirt haha

Peek a Boo

He completely melts my heart
I would do anything for him 

Me: jeans and shirt-target, undershirt-downeast, cardigan-thrifted, shoes-payless, necklace-Charloette Russe, earrings-Target
Ty: Shirt, shorts and watch-Target 
Maddux: shorts-target, Shirt-can't remember but probably Carters, Shoes-Tiny Toms
Can you tell we like target in this poor family :)

Don't you just love her style
she just really captures the real candid moments
Check out more of  Ciara's fabulous work on her Blog 
and go and like her Facebook page

I posted way too many I am sure but I just love them all
and couldn't decide on my favorites 
Now I just need to pick a few to print and display in my home
I just wanted to thank you all that helped me win 
Cuz they are amazing I mean just look at them
I really owe you all one
I feel so lucky

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Screaming Sardine said...

What amazing photos! Thanks for sharing all of these. Maddux is a great cross between you and your hubby.

Happy holidays!

Tracy Screaming Sardine