Saturday, December 3, 2011

A day at the Zoo

On Monday July 18th we decided it would be fun to go to the zoo
with our Friends Marcus, Maria and their little guy McCade 
We wanted to hang out before we all went to Disneyland
together to get us all excited!

M just loves the Zoo
He is a awe every time
I am thinking maybe next year getting a pass
so we could just go whenever we want
and bring some guests 
Whose in with coming with us?
for those of you with passes is it worth it?

McCade Maddux's little friend 
He had one of those little monkey backpack leashes
and we thought it was so cool that after that we got one for 
Maddux for Disneyland 
It was really nice
because we could let him down but he stayed close to us

Maddux loves the real animals 
but is not such a huge fan of the fake ones
I think he thinks they are real
and that makes him super nervous sitting on them
see his grip on my shirt

Cuddling daddy 
so he will protect him from the fake gorilla 

The boys!

My favorite at the zoo is the babies
I love the sweet baby elephant

Also while we were there
they had the dinosaur exhibit
it was cool they had a bunch of huge dinosaurs throughout
the zoo

This gorilla was so funny he kept looking at all of us
with like an evil eye
Like why are you all staring at me
haha but it was so cool to see him so close
I think we were interrupting his nap 

Our little fam 
measuring up to the gorilla family 
Maddux was almost the same size 
as the baby

Now we can't wait until
the new bear section is 
done! Hopefully it will be done for us 
by next summer

It was a really fun day
I can't wait to go again
Maybe we will bundle up and go to the zoo lights 
this next week
and next summer we will be back :)

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