Friday, December 2, 2011

Ty's Chili's Softball Tournament

Also back in July, Man July was a busy month,
Ty participated in the Chili's softball tournament
He doesn't work for them anymore now that we live up in Salt Lake but the Cedar
team asked him if he would play for them again
And of course he said yes, because he jumps on any chance to play some softball
It was up here in Salt Lake so that made it easy 
They played two games and we had a snack in between the games 
and since it was so close me and Maddux decided to come and watch daddy 
hit some balls and pitch

My cute hubby his first up to bat

Up to bat again
I love watching him play softball
He used to play in a league in Cedar
and I can tell he misses it 
He needs to find or make a league up here

Our friend Runge up to bat
I miss that girl she needs to move up here

My hunk pitching

M loved watching his daddy and running around like a crazy man

After the game we all went to Macaroni grill for lunch
Maddux was so tired he fell asleep in the car 
and we transfered him to his stroller
and he stayed a sleep for a while 
while we ate and then he joined us when he woke up

It was fun to see some people from Cedar and just hang out

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