Sunday, January 1, 2012


Part of our summer fun list this year was to go to the Cottonwood Heights 
Rec center outdoor pool as a little family
So one hot august day we did just that
We got Maddux a cute little floaty and we were off
It was so much fun
Maddux loved it once he warmed up to it all

First we went over to the kid section and did some swimming 
and helped maddux go down the little slide 

Then we went over to the big pool and put him in his floaty
swam around, relaxed
and took turns watching him and going down the water slides 
Maddux loved watching us go down

My handsome little man

After a while we took a break ate a few snacks
and kept hydrated 

We even did a little suntanning

Then we went over to the diving boards and platforms 
to watch Ty

Maddux loved watching him jump 
and would wave at him when he was up at the top
I was too chicken to do the platforms 
maybe next year but I did have fun on the slides 
and just swimming around together

It was such a fun day and we were all exhausted from the sun
Maddux took a good nap that day :)

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