Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lagoon Day

On August 5th Dan and Brooke and their kids came up from St. George to visit
and they all came to lagoon with us, Ayla, and Julie and Dave(Ty's parents)
August 5th was also Julie's Birthday 
and it was all courtesy of D.B. Service, Dave's company 
Thank you Dave and D.B service for an awesome day together
we had a blast, in kiddie land, a few grown up rides, games, train rides, 
lagoon a beach, lunch, dinner and some treats

Our cute little niece Londyn was sweet enough
to be Maddux's little partner on the rides
and he loved it

Boat ride
M loved this one because he had his own steering wheel 

Lookin back at us

haha and still looking back
He would watch us the whole circle around 
every time it was so darn cute
I couldn't believe that he was big enough to ride these rides
it was so fun

Such a big boy in his own seat

Could you not just Die over this most adorable looking face?!
Oh my heavens he is beautiful

Helicopter ride with cousins
Londyn, Maddux, Connelly

Oaklyn and Ayla
Our nieces

Look at his cute little head poking up

His lagoon stamp on his adorable little chubby hand

We went to one of the covered picnic areas to have the lunches 
that we packed 
After lunch the kids wanted to go up on the stage to perform
They danced, ran around and we posing for some pics

Ayla popin her hip

Now a little Diva pose from Londyn
and some break dancing from Con Man


Creedy boy (our nephew)
in Aylas stroller
He is so stinkin adorable

Ending the night with some games 
and a few prizes
Grandpa won Maddux a stuffed cow
and Ty won maddux a blow up bat
What a lucky kid

The rest of the weekend we just hung out, played games talked and laughed
Oakyln helping Dave wash the truck with the power washer

Maddux watchin Oak wash grandpa's truck

Maddux giving Creed big smiles 

Goin in for a little smooch 
So sweet

The weekend was so much fun
Thank you Dan and Brooke for coming up to visit
Thank you Julie for letting us celebrate your birthday with you
and thank you Dave for the lagoon day

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