Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mason Jar Family picnic

 In August I had a fun family date idea 
I got it all together while Maddux was napping and while Ty was at work
without telling them anything about it
It was just a picnic but I thought it would be so fun to 
plan it all and go out and enjoy a summer night together at the park

 It was a Mason Jar Picnic
I got the idea from the cupcakes in a jar and decided
to make a whole meal in them
The yellow jars where mine
the Blue ones Ty's
and the red ones and the apple sauce were Maddux's

 Our main course was Beanie Weenies 
I made sure they were all warmed up before we left
then put them in our own individual jars
and added a spoon

 Then there was a salad with dressing 
I had Italian and Ty had Asian 
and I added a fork to it

 For our drink it was Cherry Limeade with Ice
and a straw attached to the side

 And to share between the three of us I cut up some cantaloupe
and put it in two jars
with a fork of course

 And don't forget the dessert 
It was cupcakes and frosting in a jar
with a fork

 And sprinkles on top

I kept these all covered until we got to Southwood Park
and then Ty was able to see what I had made us

 Enjoying our dinner outside together on a comfy picnic blanket

 My beautiful baby!

 He is so silly
He seriously makes me laugh everyday

 After we were done with dinner
we maked everything up put it in the car and headed over to the play area 
for Maddux 

 Our little super hero

 Lovin the slide with mommy

 He loved the swing
He seriously was smiles the whole time
and could have done it all night if we let him

We stayed to play until the sun started going down
Oh how I miss the summer days 
Thank you Ty and Maddux for making the family date perfect 
I hope it was a fun surprise for you both!

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The Swapp's said...

This is the cutest idea! I think I will have to try this. LOVE IT