Sunday, January 1, 2012

Arby's Backyard Picnic

At the beginning of August 
There was a really warm evening and Ty had a good days work
so we decided to get some Arbys and eat outside in the backyard on the picnic table
and then hang out and play with Maddux out there for a bit after dinner

Ty and I had French dip 
and a regular roast beef

And M had a junior roast beef and fries 
Lovin every bit of it

Watchin maddux play with the baseball in the grass
He loves anything he can throw

Maddux got up on the balcony and we played catch from him up therewith Ty
and me down on the grass back and forth for like twenty minutes it was so cute

My boys

Lastly Maddux had a mini Popsicle for dessert
and was even sweet enough to share :)

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