Sunday, January 1, 2012

Midway Vacation

Dave and Julie, Ty's parents, invited us to go on a fun vacation
with them up to Midway for a weekend before school started  back up again for Ty
Wednesday August 17th to Saturday August 20th
we were so excited and hoped right on that opportunity
We stayed in the Ulrich family friend's condo
and it was beautiful
Thank you Bruce and Jody

We went up on Wednesday that week after Ty got home from scouts
we had everything packed earlier and ate before so when he got home
we just packed ourselves and maddux in the car and made our quick drive to Midway
since we got there kinda late that first night we just got 
our car all unpacked found the rooms us and Maddux were staying in
and laid Maddux down
Once Maddux was asleep we just relaxed, talked and played rook and golf with 
Dave and Julie 

On Thursday we woke up had breakfast, made our lunches and packed
snacks and drinks, got in our swim suits, packed up the boat 
and headed to Jordanelle Lake 
We spent the whole day out on the lake 
We drove around for a while
Then Ty got in for a while and then once I finally got brave enough to 
get in the freezing water I got in and got on the wake board
I had just tried wake boarding for the first time just the last time we went boating this year
and LOVED it so I wanted to give it another try and improve 
It was so fun, even when I was dead tired I wanted to keep going
I started going out of the wake but had a hard time getting back in
then after a few times I was able to go out and in on the left side but 
the right side was still a struggle 
We took a small break and had some lunch 
and relaxed for a bit then we went on a ride to get Maddux to take a nap
and it totally worked 
After lunch we went out some more and Dave even went out for a while
We did a little tubing 
which I was terrified of but ended up really liking 
and then headed back to the condo at four 

We got back to the condo, 
went swimming at the indoor community pool, showered
and then I made pizza spaghetti for us for dinner that night
it was so yummy
After dinner we headed into Heber and went to Walmart
and then to get a Shake at the Dairy Keen
got back laid Maddux down 
Then Ty's aunt Deanne and Uncle Scott came up that night 
to be able to spend tomorrow at the lake with us
the rest of the night we played games and chatted until it was time for bed 

Oh and I got FRIED that day 
I know it was my fault but man it hurt 
I had Ty put a lot of Aloe on me 
Thank you Julie for packing some :)
It did make for at least a little tan later though 
We were having so much fun up there I forgot to take pictures until the last day

On Friday Julie had to go up to work for a little while so we went to the lake
with Dave and Scott and Deanne 
we did about the same thing as we did the day before
Wake boarded, skied, Scott skied, we did some swimming
ate some lunch and went for a few boat rides

Maddux had a blast driving the boat 

Ty enjoying a ride 

I was up first that day
and of course did some wake boarding 

I was so excited because after the two days I was able to go
out and back in both sides of the wake
Which is HUGE for me since I just started 
I was so excited 
And I loved how proud Ty was of me 
It made me even more happy 
Thank you Dave, Julie and Ty for all your encouragement

More driving
Maddux thought he was a big boy!

Then it was Ty's turn
He is so fun to watch he is really good and 
makes going out of the wake look like a piece of cake
and it is not it takes a lot of practice

I love watching him jump the wakes
I hope one day I will be able to do that

After me, Ty and Scott all took a turn and after having lunch
it was time to just hang out and swim

we even busted out Maddux's floaty
He has so much fun with us all out there 

After we were done at the lake we met Julie back at the condo
and got some steaks and the rest of dinner ready 
we ate dinner 
and headed over to the outdoor pool and did a little swimming and hot tubing 
we stayed until it was dark we were having so much fun

we got back to the condo, gave maddux a bath laid him down for the night
we all took showers 
and then spent the rest of the night watching TV, eating a dessert I made, 
playing games and chatting.

The next day we just got ready for the day, cleaned the condo
and then did a little shopping at the Park City Outlets 
Then we headed over to Dave and Julies for some hamburgers for dinner

It was the perfect weekend! Thank you so much for all the fun 
We will never forget it and hope to do it again :)

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