Friday, July 6, 2012

Trampoline Gym

On Thursday June 28th we got the opportunity to go to a fun Brand New 
trampoline Gym down in Orem called Get Air Hang Time
My mom and dad's neighbor and friend Aaron Cobabe is the 
general manager and wanted my mom to get some bloggers 
together to come and enjoy the park, have some food and blog about it
so I will be blogging about more of the details over at my blog
There will also be a giveaway for some free passes so
 make sure to go and check it out

But for here on the family blog I just want to show
you guys how much fun we had
and document it for our family journal 

Let me start off by saying we had an absolute blast
I will for sure have to come back when I can actually jump
I did a few things but my bladder does not allow me to jump on a tramp 
very long right now being 32 weeks prego and all
I did one flip and felt like I was going to pee my pants haha
so for the rest of the time I just played with Maddux jumping lightly 
and watching my cute hubby do some tricks 
We are so excited to go back and can't wait 

Maddux was in heaven and loved jumping jumping jumping
This boy really needs a tramp

They had an area that you could jump in and do tricks in the 
foam pit it was awesome 
Maddux wasn't so sure about the pit haha

It was so much fun watching Ty
he was like a little kid again 
He was doing flips all over the place and had a smile on his
face the whole time

They had a cute little kid area that only the little ones go in 
so they don't get trampled by the big kids 
It was fun cuz it had balls and hoops in the enclosure along with the tramps

My little brothers and sister were there too and Maddux just loved playing with them

The big kid/adult open jump area 
it also has basketball hoops 
and plenty of room to do tricks and jump off platforms

My mom was having a blast :)
I love this lady she really knows how to have fun 
She was doing toe touches but my camera was too slow to catch them

Dad watching mom and the kids 

They have a trampoline dodgeball area 
and I think at times they even have competitions 

They have tons of games 

A food and party area
Wouldn't it be fun to have a birthday party here?!

Look at how open and fun this is!!!!

Zachy and Maddux playing in the dodgeball area

We even got to end the night with some pizza and cake 

Look at this awesome cake that Ashley made 

of course Maddux had to pretend he was driving
That is his favorite thing to do
He loves steering wheels

Playing with the boys in the pit 

Ty ending the night with a back flip!
Thats right a back flip!
He is pretty Rad!
What a fun evening of jumping, flipping, and eating 
Thank you mom and Aaron for the fun

It is a really good thing that we don't live in Orem or we would 
want to go every day :)

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