Friday, July 6, 2012

An Evening at the Zoo

On Wednesday June 20th Ty was able to take off work 
so he could come to my doctors appointment and play a little 
We started off the morning by all going to the doctors appointment 
Ty was so excited to be able to here baby Holden's heart beat 
and come with me
 everything looked great and I am measuring right on time 

While Maddux was taking a nap Ty and I did some painting together
and had lunch as soon as M woke up we packed up and
headed to the Hogle zoo
We stayed there for a couple hours and it was perfect
We also bought our year zoo pass so we will be coming back a lot 
throughout the summer and into next year
If any of you friends and family out there have zoo passes lets go!!!!

I didn't take a ton of pictures just because we were having so much fun 
but here are some I did take

 Maddux LOVES the animals and he can name most of them
He really likes the Rhinos I think it is because they look like a dinosaur 

 My cute boys 

 Tunnels are this boys favorite 

 Ty taught Maddux that a sealion says ARARAR 
so M kept saying it over and over
This is the first time we have been to the zoo this year so 
it was the first time we were able to see the whole new addition they just put on it
with the polar bears, black bears, sea lions, and otters 
It is incredible it all looks so pretty and the new animals are amazing

 Watching the sea lions swimming around 

 He is right up to the glass watching the tiger sleeping 
I can't believe how big the triplets are
I remember the year they were born 
and now they are HUGE 

Maddux loved how all the giraffes were outside 
and thought it was so fun that there were so many of them

 I don't have a picture but the Maddux also loved the monkeys 
especially the gorillas
 After we saw all the animals 
we got an ice cream and then went to the little play ground to 
play for a while 

It was so fun to get to the zoo and to be able to hang out with Ty and Maddux all day
on a weekday! We can't wait to go back 

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