Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Family Summer Fun List 2011 & Shaved Ice

So My mom has been doing this really fun
Summer fun list idea for a few years now and thought
now that we had our little Maddux 
it would be fun to do our own
So I made an Ulrich Family Summer Fun list for 2011

I didn't start it until last week
I know I know summer started a month ago
but for our family summer didn't start until last week
because that is when Ty took his final
finishing his summer class
So now we get to play
and start summer
I came across a really fun list idea on this blog 
and pinned it here to remember
(If you don't know what pinterest is read about it here)
They put their list on a chalkboard
and I thought hello that is so cute and fun
and I could totally do that
So I did

I was going to get chalkboard paint and create my own from a frame
but I found this already made one at hobby lobby for $7
for the same price as the paint and
this way I had a lot less work to do
So of course I chose that option

But of course I had to paint it 
It has got to be cute right :)

I painted it red because I am puting it near our
red and black kitchen
and then when our summer fun list is complete 
I am going to put it in Maddux's room
for him to color on
Cute huh?!

And here it is complete 
painted, pretty, with the whole list and all
I put the boxes next to each activity and when
they are completed I color them in
oh and I got the colored chalk for like 88 cents at hobby lobby too

I am going to take pictures of all of our activities
and document about some them
Since this is like a journal for our family
It will be so fun to look back and read all about what we did this summer

So on Thursday July, 14th
(Ty's last day of school) 
to celebrate him being done with his final
we started it off with the first thing on our list
"Family Walk to Italian Ice Shack"

There is a Dans Grocery store just right outside of our neighborhood
And it has a shaved ice shack in the parking lot
so that evening after dinner 
we got Maddux in his stroller and started our walk
got these yummies
and sat on the lawn enjoying every second
of the amazing weather and each other

I got the cheesecake flavor with cream on top
this one does the cream for free
and let me tell you it is AMAZING
you will never want one plain again after you try it I promise 

Ty got the Black Raspberry flavor with Cream on top
This one was super yummy
I tried some too

And we both shared with little Dux :)
Aren't you just loving those lips?!
haha where did he come from?
He cracks me up!
He is totally eye balling my shaved ice
I can see it in his eyes :)

Maddux LOVES to point 
and he loves balls and says ball all the time
What a boy!
In this picture he saw a balloon that was hooked to
the shaved ice shack and he was going crazy he wanted it so bad

I seriously have the cutest baby in the whole world
I mean look at him!

Please mom please can I have the ball
(This is totally what he was thinking I mean look at that face haha)
Sorry baby I cant reach it 
But you can have more treat

Speaking of saying please
Maddux knows the sign language for please and it is adorable
when we say "Maddux say please" he does it
He is so smart
And sometimes if he sees us with something he wants
he will just do the sign on his own
I LOVE watching him learn

Ok I'll take some of that
and i'll have some more and more and more

He loves these
He had so much sugar that night
But he still slept great
I have the best little sleeper 
Man I'm spoiled
and I swear sugar doesn't even affect him
He's got a sweet tooth like him momma

Me and Ty
We have so much fun together
especially on simple evenings
going on walks, sitting on the lawn, chatting and snackin on some icy goodness
Now that is summer right there

Then when we were done hangin out for a while
We walked back home
Thanks honey for the fun night

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anya said...

Ohhhh man! Ever since you pinned that chalk board I have wanted to do it! So Jeal! :)