Sunday, July 31, 2011

Murray High Rugby alumni Game 2011

Let go all the way back to Memorial Weekend

Ty played rugby in high school 
and every year during memorial weekend
they have a alumni rugby game
And this is Ty's second year playing in it

It is so much fun to watch him play
Especially because I didn't know
Ty back in high school

Maddux liked to watch for the first half
but then he started getting restless so we went over on the side of the field
and watched from over there so he could roam around a bit

I love this picture 
They all look so tough
and yes only tough men wear short shorts :)

This is the group hug
Technically called the Scrum

Seriously Isn't he so hot
I think so

On memorial day we went to Ty's parents house
for a BBQ 
and then roasted marshmallows,
and made smores

While everyone was talking and 
huddling around the camp fire 
We decided to give Maddux a run at the tramp

He loved it and so did I
cuz I got really good snuggles and smiles

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