Saturday, January 22, 2011

Little "M"s ABC Wall

Now that Little Maddux is almost 9 months old and we have been moved into our new apartment for almost 7 months I finally got these suckers up on the wall! Yahoo!

...and I am in L.O.V.E!
When we first moved in his room was pinkish white and Ty's grandma said that we could paint his room so we went off to home depot and I found a mis-tint for only $5 and then we got another gallon at regular price but we ended up saving $25 and it was the perfect color we were looking for. I love the brown with the white trim. Thank you mom for helping practically painting the whole room for me. :)

Also I will get better pictures of it later but that dresser right there on the right Ty and I redid too! We got it done actually before Maddux was born so that was nice. We got it for FREE yup that's right Free. It doesn't get much better than that. When we got it it was a sold oak old brown color with gold hardware and I really wanted to paint it blue. So my mom and I went to Lowes down in St. George while our boys were golfing and again we found this PERFECT color in a mis-tint and I got a whole gallon for only $5. And we didn't even use half of it to do the whole dresser. We also decided to do rope pulls for the hardware and it is so fun for a boys room. We are also working on a project right now for above his crib that we will be using some more of that blue paint for. I will post pictures of it as soon as it is done. So make sure to check back.

So back to the ABC wall. I have wanted one of these ever since I found out I was pregnant with Maddux. This was my inspiration and I just wanted to do my own version of it. Well I have been collecting these bad boys from back when I was preggers. I bought some and my mom gave me over half of them for one of my baby showers. Isn't that soooo awesome of her?! She is amazing and she wanted me to have this wall just as much as I did. We got them from different stores such as Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Roberts and JoAnnes because we wanted different fonts, styles and sizes. We got them all plan and none of them had color on them so we could pick out the colors to match his room. As soon as we got them all. My mom and I got to work choosing the paint and the paper that we wanted to cover them with. I used some I had, some my mom had, and I bought some new.

...Then we got to work and painted some plain colors and Mod podged paper on the others. Little M's room is Blue and Brown with an accent of red if you cant tell. After we got them all done it was time to get them up on the wall. I first placed them down on the floor in an area that I measured the same as the space I had on the wall and I laid them down how I wanted them to look and took a picture and then I used that picture as a map for when I put them up on the wall and Wala! This is the finished ABC wall. We still have a lot to get done with his room but once everything is up I will take a picture of his whole room completed hopefully that will be within the next few weeks. I know most people get their nurseries done before the baby gets here but since we were moving just 2 months after he was born I couldn't do it before and then after the move and everything I am just getting to it but I am loving it and Maddux is getting to the age that he loves having colorful stuff on his walls too.

I also love that the ABC wall is cute for not only babies but he can have this in his room when he is a toddler and a growing kid. It will be so fun to teach him his ABCs from this wall and he can see them whenever he wants.
My favorite part is for all 27 characters up on the wall to complete the ABCs (the alphabet and the & symbol = 27 if you were wondering where I go that from haha) I only had to put 1 nail hole in that whole wall. Yup ONE! and it was for the O which is the clock. The rest of the letters were hung up with these bad boys....Command strips. My mom introduced me to these and I just think they are the best things ever invented.  If you have never used HAVE to. They are awesome and you don't have to worry about all the holes especially if you are renting. I only had to get 2 packages of 12 and I got $1 off coupons online for each package so for both it was like $10 and so worth it.

....Now I just can't wait to finish the other projects for his room and get them up on here for ya'll to see.

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Anne Nichols said...

So cute!! I saw that post oh OhDeeDoh as well and thought it was such a cute idea. I love that you used a clock for the letter 'O'. It turned out great! :)

Stacie Johnson said...

Super Super Cute!!!

Jay and Emily said...


Abby said...

K. I am so serious. I LOVE these! And command strips, they are the best!! That's how I've hung up everything in Boston's room!! They hold and hold, I'm surprised with how much weight they will actually hold!! I just wanted to thank you for always commenting on my blog!! I am so bad at it, but I LOVE to get comments and you're always so nice and super sweet. It makes me want to keep posting more and more!! I love your little family! As soon as Feb 12 is over and done, we need to get together!! My family is all in from town and life is just crazy!! But we must get together because we will be best friends AND our boys will be best friends!! It will just be the best ever!! You need to teach me how to make my blog cute too. Yours is ADORABLE! K, love ya!

anya said...

Looooooove your ABC project! Adorable!!!!

The Starr Family said...

Seriously creative, this is adorable! Would it be weird to put this in my master bedroom? :) Honest to goodness, love it!

The Swensons said...

This is so cute!! It looks like he has a super cute room!!

Jen said...

This looks awesome! I wish I would have done this when my boys were little :( One of those DANG IT moments..hahaha

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

So cute! I really love this! I would like to do something like it for my next baby. Someday :)

Now following your pins and trying to follow your blog but the follow button won't come up?!? Going to try from my phone.

Carissa said...

What a crazy cool alphabet! I especially dig the O clock.

I found you through the Six Sisters Stuff Saturday link party. Looks like your Google Follower badge is busted like mine is. I'll try to come follow you later once google has that fixed. Come check me out, too, if you're interested --> Carissa's Creativity Space

Melissa, The Happier Homemaker said...

I just love this! I think it would be awesome in our playroom, I'll have to get to work collecting letters! Thanks for the tutorial!