Saturday, December 25, 2010


Just wanting to wish everyone a very merry Christmas from the Ulrich Family! Hope your day was wonderful.


Jay and Emily said...

Cute Christmas card! Merry Christmas!

Abby said...

No, I definitely remember you!! But it wasn't from Layton, it was from SUU!!! And why weren't we best friends? We have so much in common! I do insanity, you do insanity, I love my cricut, you love yours, we both have little boys! ha ha!!!

The Timothys said...

your christmas card is so cute! this little fella of yours is TOO cute! i can't believe he is already standing up holding on to furniture! tay isn't even CRAWLING yet! hahaha. she's a little slower than other babies but that's ok. and....i say they get married! :)