Friday, May 28, 2010

Maddux is 1 month old

He looks scared in this picture haha but so cute still!

Maddux is already 1 month old as of today and I can't believe it! This month has gone by so fast it is a blur. We didn't go to the doctor at 1 month old we went at 2 weeks and not again until 2 months but as of his two week appointment he weighed 8 lbs and 8 ounces so he is growin' like a weed. I can't wait to find out how much he weighs at his next appointment. He still seems so small to me but he is a dense kid. He is pretty skinny but is just starting to get a little chunk on his thighs and cheeks and even starting to get a double chin, its so cute!

Isn't that face just adorable. I can kiss it all day long :)

A couple of things that are goin' on at 1 month old

*He is a major grunter. He doesn't cry that much but he loves to grunt to let us know what is goin on.
*He sneezes a lot just like his daddy and always in doubles
*Maddux loves to stretch. It is so cute to watch him stretch he arches his back and doesn't hold back at all. He loves it!
*Maddux likes to be around people. If it is time for bed but people are around he wants to be out with us.
*Maddux loves his bouncer and his swing. Sometimes the only way he will sleep is if we put him in the swing first. He is so spoiled :)
*He has tiny feet and I love to kiss his little toes
*He likes to scratch himself even when he has short nails because he loves his hands by his face so he is still wearing the mittens.
*He is starting to stay awake a little bit more during the day
*Maddux is a good sleeper most of the time
*When he cries it sounds like a little puppy whimpering :(
*He is becoming a really good eater and as of a few days ago he is now breastfeeding without the shield! Yay I am so excited that is done with.
*He loves to look around. His eyes are always wide open and he always looks surprised.
*Maddux also has very expressive eyebrows and he likes to scowl.
*He still fits into newborn clothes
*Maddux loves to cuddle with daddy and daddy loves it too. As long as maddux is cuddling with daddy his fussiness goes away and most of the time falls asleep
*Maddux has the cutest little smile but we haven't caught it on camera yet
*He likes to sleep in his crib
*He used to like the swaddle but now he just likes blankets
*He used to like the car and it would even put him to sleep but he doesn't like it so much anymore unless he is already sleeping.
*Maddux is not shy about his toots he is one loud little tooter
*Maddux is also a loud eater sometimes haha it is so funny. Little piggy!
*He loves his binky
*He turns to me when someone else is holding him and I talk to him. It is so cute that he already knows my voice.
*Maddux has the strongest neck from the day he was born he has loved to lift him head up and look at you.
*He loves walks. And I wish it would stop being so windy outside so we could go on more.
*He always falls asleep in the cart at the store without fail haha its nice for mommy and daddy to get their shopping done.
*When his arms are out he will hold his little binky while it is in his mouth
*He is a little wiggler and loves to kick his legs
*He doesn't like his diaper changed. He had his first poop explosion up the back the other day and that was no fun. He has also peed on mommy and daddy a few times.
*He has long pretty eyelashes
*He looks like daddy but has mommy chin
*He has a good amount of hair and I just love it
*Maddux likes to fall asleep at restaurants. He will be fussy in the car and as soon as we get in to eat he zonks out
*Maddux is now in size 1 diapers but they are a little bog on him still. He still fits into newborns but we didn't want to buy anymore if he fit into the 1s because we already had some.
*Last but not least Maddux loves bath time and if we give him a bath right before bed he will sleep for 6 hours after it is awesome.
*He is the sweetest little spirit and we love to have him in our home. He brings so much to our family and mommy and daddy love him so much.
I had to put this one on here. Poor little guy was hungry and Toby was attaching him haha


Dan and Kristin said...

He's adorable! I'm so glad you're having fun being a mom!

Leanne said...

I can't wait to hold him again. Tell Maddux his grandma loves him and misses him.