Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Holden bug 5 months

I know everyone says this and I have said it many many times but He is growing up sooooo fast. I cannot believe he is 5 months old already. I seriously remember walking into the hospital like it was yesterday. He is such a sweet boy and he is so so happy. He smiles at everything and is very rarely fussy. Even when he has a nasty cold that lasted 3 weeks, and had goopy eyes so bad it glued them shut, he was still all smiles.

A little bit about Holden at 5 months:

*He smiles so big when I go to get him in the morning or from his naps
*He loves to be swaddled to sleep
*He has changed from the hospital binkie to the Mam, He likes it much better

*He likes to jibber jabber, He is our little social butterfly
*His bald spots are finally growing in and he is getting some adorable little baby chicky hair that just sticks straight up, I adore it

*He loves to grab everything and I mean everything, It is now time for this mama to wear my hair up and to be careful when it comes to necklaces and earrings
*He loves to play with my bubble necklaces at church and keep him entertained and happy throughout my lessons or sunday school.

*He does not like his eye boogies and nose boogies picked but mommy just cant leave them alone especially because he loves when they are finally out of the way
*He likes a lot of blankets on him in his carseat and in bed. He likes to be snuggly

*During his fifth month he celebrated his very first Christmas and it was so much fun to spoil him let me tell ya. Of course he had no idea what was going on but it was fun for us.
*He doesn't really love hats but he is getting better because we are training him to like them more since it is freezing outside and I need to keep those little ears covered

*He has gorgeous eye
*Long amazing eyelashes that his mama is jealous
*Very full adorable lips that they girls are gonna love one day

*Holden also celebrated his first New Years and has now lived in the year 2012 and 2013
 *He goes to be at 9 pm, gets up and feeds at midnight and then sleeps the rest of the night until about 8:30-9:30
*He takes 3 naps throughout the day a morning nap right after breakfast, a nap at about 2:30 or 3 and another nap from like 9-midnight

*Holden loves his grandparents and gives them lots of smiles and snuggles
*This boy is happy to play and be on his own a little bit but he also LOVES to be held and snuggled.
*This boy loves getting attention and being played with and we love to give it to him

*He is just getting stronger and stronger every single day
*He still sleeps in the porta crib and hasn't moved into maddux's room with him yet hopefully by 6 months 
*He sleeps with a fan going because he loves the white noise just like mommy

*He still nurses like a little champ and he is super fast and only eats about every 3 hours which is so nice for me
*He is loving his toys more and more especially because now he can grab them: his favorites are his rings, his wrist animals, and his tag blanket and Maddux is always trying to give him cars to play with him

*This little man loves to Roll. He is rolling all over the place and I think he is figuring out that it is getting him to where he wants to go. He also likes to just roll to his side and chill there. When we are changing his diaper as soon as he is all clean but before we get the new diaper on he likes to be naked and roll to the side it is so funny. 

*This is his first time swimming and he LOVED it. He smiled and looked so relaxed the whole time. And he took such a good nap after. Do you see those adorable rolls?!!!! IN LOVE. This was at the Hotel my sister and her family were staying in while they were visiting over Christmas break

*His favorite time to talk, be a little social bug and tell us his stories is during his midnight feeding. It is so funny how talkative he is at this time. I could just listen to it all night.

*Holden LOVES baths. He kicks his legs like crazy and does not like to get out

*We lotion him up with the lavender bedtime lotion every single night before bed
*He will let anyone hold him and will just smile at them. He doesn't have stranger danger yet

*He sucks on everything: his hands, toys, blankets, other peoples hands, everything!
*He has such a chill personality like I said he is so happy, and easy to please

*He is in size two diapers
*He wears 0-3 or 3-6 month clothes depending on the brand he even has a few 6-9 that fit

*This picture is from when I got stranded in the huge snow storm and we were chilling in the car in a parking lot until Ty could come rescue us and Maddux was being so sweet to Holden and Holden was loving it, jabbering to him, smiling at him and getting showered with kisses from brother. 
*Maddux and Holden have such a sweet little bond already and I just know they are going to be best buds. I love having 2 boys in a row!!!!

*He loves his little activity jumper. He plays with all the little toys attached, kicks his legs over and over again and smiles the whole time. This is nice for when mom needs to get a few things done or when Maddux needs my attention, or when we are eating

*He is ticklish and he giggles when we tickle him and make funny noises at him. His giggle is to die for.
*He smiles at strangers all you have to do to make him smile is smile at him or talk to him in a cheery high pitch baby talk voice He loves it.

*He likes to look at himself in the mirror
*He still likes his swing and it starting to like the bumbo more and more
*He is awake during the day more and more, except when he is growing he sleeps a lot more, but he has a pretty good routine that is close to the same each day

*He lets me put his hair in a mohawk for church and it is so adorable
*Holden likes the movements of the TV
*He likes to watch us eat and I think he is going to love when we start him on food (only one more month)

*He is always giving us the most precious looks and makes the cutest funniest faces
*He watches his brother like a hawk and loves to see what he is doing

 *This boy loves his feet lately. He is constantly grabbing them and trying to eat them. He grabs them when he is laying on the floor, when we are holding him, when he is in his carseat, and even when we are trying to change his diaper. It is so cute. I love when they start grabbing their toesies

*He loves putting his one are up over his head. So relaxing
*He loves to stretch after naps and in the morning
*He brings his arms straight up over his head as soon as we unwrap his when he wakes up

He is just such a sweet heart and such a blessing in our home. He is so cute and we could all just stare at him all day long.


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