Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wheeler Farm Play Date

On Friday June 24th
 Another fun play date we did
was go to Wheeler farm
with my friends Amber and Stephanie from my ward
And their cute little kiddos Anna and Jonathan

It is so fun to have some friends close by with little ones 
close to Maddux's age
(Anna is a few months older and Jonathan is just a few months younger)

Because Amber and I started wanting to hang out more
Maddux and Anna have become such good little friends
We are always trying to do something
whether it be the library story time, swimming or going on walks
we thought wheeler farm would be a fun change 
for the kids

This baby goat was my favorite part of the whole day
He was adorable
I wanted to take it home so bad :)

we walked around to see the animals first and 
then headed over the bridge to eat some lunch
but then had to rush back over because they were having some 
flooding issues during this time

Haha I am lovin this face 
It looks like he is trapped

Sweet little Anna 
just sayin hi
One of M's girlfriends
He is such a lady's man
I am in trouble

There was this really cute play house on the side
of the bridge that we had lunch on
I think Maddux's favorite part was climbing up the stairs 
and just crawlin around like a 

We were there just watchin the kids play
looking at animals
eatting and chatting
for about 2 hours and it was so fun

I love getting Maddux out of the house
especially in the summer
I think it is so good for him to get out and learn
and he LOVES to be outside
But I am not gonna lie I also do these play dates
for me to get me out of the house and with friends so 
I don't go crazy

If you haven't been to wheeler farm you should for sure go
It is so pretty
(I actually got my bridals taken there)
and it is fun for the kiddos
It is in Murray just FYI
And I'll come with you cuz I love it there

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